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Investor Deal Flow
Use This Template
Managing a Venture Capital or Angel Investment firm has many different aspects that can be efficiently streamlined to save tons of time. Creating a system for scouting new startups and moving them through the deal pipeline is one of them.
Use This Template

Use this template to initiate a transparent and structured deal flow for everybody in your team. Add newly scouted companies with the source information and basic details. Get in touch with them and start the deal flow. Keep a log of every meeting you have with them, add notes, documents and action items. Create reports for tracking the bird eye view of what's going on.

This template has 5 lists:

  • Startups: The main list where you manage the deal flow, add new startups to the top of the funnel, move them through the stages, take them 'on hold' if necessary.
  • Contacts: The contacts from the startups or other contacts in the firm's network. Learn who to reach and how to reach them in seconds.
  • Meetings: Keep a log of every meeting you have with the startups. Plan ahead the future meetings on a calendar. Refer to past meetings where you store the meeting notes, action items and important documents.
  • Scouts: List of scouts for your venture capital firm. Link the startups with scouts to see who initiated which deal.
  • Sources: List of sources to scout new startups. Websites, directories, accelerators... Keep an eye to never miss a new innovative startup.
Expenses Tracking
A simple template to start organising your expense tracking. Create accounts, add the spendings and revenues of each account to see overall cash flow for it.
Task Management
Keep a clear overview or all of your tasks.
Objectives and key results (OKR)
OKR framework with objectives, key results and related tasks.
Social Media Planning
Use this Workiom template to ideate, schedule and track all your social media posts. Add inspirations constantly, create weekly topics to share consistently and store all your visual assets according to their topics. Request new visuals from your designers and track the status for each post.
Growth Hacking Experiments
Growth hacking experiments can have many team members involved and cannot be managed in an isolated manner. Using Workiom for organising growth experiments alongside with all other tasks, projects and data management efforts helps your team collaborate better and stay on the same page.
Product Planning
Plan and track you issues, sprints, releases..

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