Vendor Management

Use This Template

Selecting vendors, negotiating contracts, controlling costs and ensuring service delivery. Bring all your vendor-related processes to one place by using Workiom's Vendor Management template. Have backup plans for critical deliveries, know who to contact, access the past and present contracts and detailed notes in a few seconds.

As the organisations grow, there will be many good and services that will be outsourced. Having a structured process to evaluate, select, on-board vendors and a transparent view to monitor the service delivery for each vendor can be crucial.

Vendor Management template has 5 lists:

  • Requests: Gather all the requests from different departments of your company. MOve the deals step-by-step from request to proposal to contract negotiations.
  • Vendors: Keep a list of every vendor you worked with and potential vendors for future reference. Gather all the files you need from the vendors for the on-boarding procedures.
  • Contacts: Contact information from the vendors.
  • Goods & Services: List of all goods and services that you outsource linked with the vendors that provide those goods and services.
  • Contracts: Organize the contract details and files. Easily access them when you need them.

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