Social Media Management

Use This Template

When you have a clear process, a system in place to create and schedule social media content, your energy is saved for the quality and consistency of the content rather than the mechanics or communication struggles. Create a backlog of content ideas, a weekly topic schedule, a workflow for design requests and a publishing calendar. They will remove all the obstacles from publishing consistently.

Use this Workiom template to ideate, schedule and track all your social media posts. Add inspirations constantly, create weekly topics to share and store all your visual assets according to their topics. Request new visuals from your designers and track the status for each post.

Social Media Planning Template has 4 lists:

  • Posts: The main list where you add post ideas, prioritise them, drag them through the kanban board and schedule them for publishing calendar. Character Count field automatically calculates, so that you can change the copy according to the platform limitations. The visual field is linked to Visual Assets lists where you can store all of the visuals in an organised manner. Use the Calendar view for publishing dates and the Kanban view for the production pipeline.
  • Visual Assets: Use this list to collaborate with designers, request visuals for social media, link them to topics and posts, store them for future repurposing.
  • Topics: Add every topic you are posting about, link them with posts and visuals. If you have a weekly topics sharing calendar, you can choose the days of the week for each topic.
  • Inspiration: Capture the inspiring content from all over the internet world. Add screenshots or website links. Whenever you have time, go through them to create posts about them.

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