Purchase Order Tracking

Use This Template

Tracking your Supply Inventory, creating purchase orders, tracking them, restocking the products, tracking the usage of inventory items and keeping a safe inventory level... There is so much you can do with this Purchase Order Tracking template, yet it is flexible enough to provide you space for customisation.

Does not matter if you are tracking the office fixture inventory or the raw material supply, you can use this template as a base for your purchasing processes.

This template has 4 lists:

  • Product Inventory: List of your inventory items by supplier and product model. You can store details of the products such as quantity per package or catalog price. It is linked with the order and usage records and it calculates the available inventory from the total stocking and total usage numbers. If the available inventory is less than reorder level it gives you a status of 'low inventory'.
  • Orders & Stocking: Add new orders here by choosing the supplier, product and number of packages and also add details like Order Date, Payment Status, Total Price.. Track the status of each order and when it is stocked, add the stocking details such as the restock date and number of packages arrived. '# Packages Restocked' field is added to double check the order quantity and stocked quantity to see if the order was fulfilled right.
  • Usage Tracking: Whenever an item is taken from the inventory, create a usage record here by choosing the product and adding the quantity of usage.
  • Suppliers: Keep a list of suppliers you work with. Store the contact information and any related detail you want to add. Easily see the past orders from the supplier and access to the usage records of the products.

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