PR & Media

Use This Template

Do you have a systematic way to outreach for publications, influencers and other media outlets that may be willing to introduce your company to a relevant audience? Whether you are a startup, an SME, a corporation or an agency, you need to be proactively searching for PR opportunities.

PR & Media template is like a lightweight CRM for PR purposes. In order to maintain good relationship with industry publications, journalists, influencers, bloggers or youtubers, you need an organised manner. PR & Media template helps you organise you public relations efforts, gives you an overview of the current status and the opportunities.

This template has 3 different lists:

  • Publications: the list of every magazine, blog, youtube channel, newspaper, newsletter and all the potential outlets that may be interested in your product/project.
  • Contacts: The relationship management part of the template. You can add the contact information of related people. Create a reaching out pipeline with status view, add notes, comments for the interactions you had with each contact.
  • Relevant Articles: before reaching out to publications and journalists, it is always useful to check out their similar articles, series which shows that they can be interested in featuring you product/project. You can store every related article you come across and organise them for future reference.

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