Objectives and key results (OKR)

Use This Template

Objective and Key Results is a framework for progress that multiple successful and well known companies use to direct the plan of action in an efficient way to monitor outcome. OKR helps teams to unite in one vision and quantitatively measure the success toward this mission.

This template is a practical implementation of OKR framework with objectives, key results and related tasks. In this template, you can motivate everybody in your team to achieve personal OKRs thus spiriting up your collective and boosting the motivation. Making it a Kanban board, you can let everybody keep track of anybody’s progress—or customize it any way you like.

OKR template has 5 lists:

  • Objectives: this list is to track every objective towards the vision of the company, categorised with departments and quarters. Also you can see the key results that are connected to each objective and the percentage for the overall progress.
  • Key Results: Key results are the quantitative steps that are necessary for the success toward an objective. In this list, you can track the status of each key result, who is the responsible person and what is the due date for getting the result. An important part is to realistically know if the progress is on track to get the result on time.
  • Tasks: In order to achieve the key results there will be a series of tasks to be done. You can manage every task connected with the key results in this list, or if you are using another Workiom app for task management, you can connect this list with your task manager.
  • Departments: List of the departments in your company and the objectives for each department in each quarter.
  • Quarters: Overview of the objectives and key results for each quarter.

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