Email Marketing

Use This Template

Email marketing is an important and sensitive topic, because companies need to consider what kind of emails they are sending to who in what frequency, in order to balance their communication without annoying their audience. Planning all of the email activity in one place, transparent to all teams helps you create a unified strategy for emails and being able to see every email in one calendar helps you make sure you are not sending too many emails.

Use this template to work on the email drafts and schedule the email campaigns. Categorise emails according to the topics and audience lists. Measure and report the results of your email campaigns in one place.

Email Marketing template has 3 lists:

  • Emails: This is the main list where you will store the details of each email, work on the drafts and schedule the email ona calendar.
  • Topics: Create topics for your emails to link them with.
  • Lists: Add your different email lists, explaining the segmentation you used for each one. link the lists with the emails.
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