Editorial Calendar

Use This Template

Having a transparent, single source of truth for the content marketing efforts will help your team align on the strategy, responsibilities and the timeline of content production. Every team member will have clear directives and overview on each step of the workflow for each piece of content.

Editorial Calendar template is a base for all content marketing efforts of your team. You can ideate new content, track the production of the scheduled content and manage the publishing calendar.

This template consists of 4 different lists:

  • Content: the main list for managing your content marketing. You can add new content ideas with personas and keywords. You can assign them to writers, producers and track the progress throughout the production. There are 3 ready-to-use views in this list; grid view lets you see every record added to this list, status view lets you categorise records according to their stages and overview them in kanban view, calendar lets you overview the publishing calendar with the status as the color code.
  • Writers: the list of writers you work with, either from the team or freelancers. You can store their contact information for future reference and also see all the content they created before.
  • Personas: for the successful content marketing you need to be fully aware of who you are targeting with each piece. Personas list reminds you the ideal audience of each content you create. You can overview every article or video related to each persona.
  • Keywords: you should decide on the keyword focus of each content before starting to produce it. Keywords list helps you maintain your keyword research, new keyword ideas, difficulties of each keyword and articles written for the keywords.

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