Campaign Tracking

Use This Template

All of your campaigns live in different channels. Providing a clear overview of what's going on, what's planned or how previous campaigns performed can help bring your team to the same page. Also preparation for each campaign can be streamlined with Workiom's collaboration features.

Campaign Tracking template gives you a common ground to monitor every campaign that is going on across channels. You can add campaign concept ideas to backlog and plan the campaigns with its purpose, audience, ad copy and visual. Also you can see the results of the completed campaigns and learnings from each campaign.

There are 4 different lists in this template

  • Campaigns: This is the main page for planning and tracking the campaigns. While planning the campaign you can set the channel, purpose, budget, target audience, buyer journey stage. After going through each step and completing the campaign you can add the results and learnings from the campaign for future reference. There are 3 different views that are ready to use; grid view for the general overview of all records, status view for the pipeline view with grouped campaigns in different stages, and calendar view for seeing the timeline of the campaigns on a calendar with statuses as the color codes.
  • Channels: A list of every marketing channel you use. You can add channel strategy summary and also can see every campaign related to each channel.
  • Ad Copy: In this list you can add and store the texts you use for the ads or social media. This list is connected with the campaigns list, it means you can select the ad copy you use for every campaign and you can see which campaigns each copy was used with. There is also buyer journey field so that you can categorise the ad copies according to the audience familiarity.
  • Visual Assets: Similar to Ad Copy list, you can add and store every visual asset you use or planning to use for marketing campaigns. This list is also connected with Campaigns, so you can see which asset was used with which campaigns and how they performed.

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