Architectural Project Management

Use This Template

Plan and manage the architectural projects' timeline and deliverables with this easy-to-use template. Customize it according to your specific workflows, project stages or deliverable types.Architectural Project Management template provide a structured way to take a project from an idea to final presentation by going step by step with deliverables and related tasks. Never miss a deadline and leverage your team's resources efficiently.This template has 5 lists:

  • Projects: list of all projects of your firm. Categorise project according to the project type, work type or project stage. Assign project leaders and project team. Add deliverables for each stage, plan meetings and create a project timeline.
  • Deliverables: Break projects into smaller deliverables to manage each stage in an organised manner. Assign responsible person for each deliverable and determine the due date.
  • Tasks: Create tasks for completing each deliverable. You can link the tasks with projects and deliverables or add independent tasks for other operational work.
  • Meetings: Add meetings and link them with projects to make record of every interaction with the clients. Add meeting agenda and meeting notes for future reference.
  • Team: List of your employees and outsources workforce you employ. You can link them with projects or deliverables to easily track who is working on what.

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