April 8, 2022
Health Tourism Meets Digital Transformation
Health Tourism
Irfan Ozdemir
8 Min

Digital transformation is not simply moving from paper-based management  processes and tedious unplanned phone calls, to excel sheets and more unplanned meetings and ad-hoc follow ups. To us, a proper digital transformation looks like automating processes and transition of ownership between teams, unifying data sources, prioritizing work tasks and setting reminders, all with minimal human input or effort.

The challenges of manual management processes

Conjuring the right strategy to reach the right leads is already a mammoth task in and of itself, so add to that the need for each sales representative to follow up on every lead with an appropriate action, align with medical consultants and secure the initial diagnosis, check if any medical information is missing from the file, hand over the leads to logistics, and supervise the whole deal until it’s all closed and the client is satisfied… and you’ve got yourself a productivity nightmare.

Using Excel might be sufficient when you have 2 sales representatives and only a handful of clients each month,  but what happens when you scale up the operations? You’ll no longer have the time to spend 30 minutes a day aligning all your operations and communications.

Moving to a digital workspace

The digital realm sure doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the vast selection of solutions you can choose from for your digital workspace software. Selecting the right solution for your business will depend on your scale and operational needs, and different solutions will serve those needs in different ways. Based on our experience within health tourism, we recommend that you focus on the following criteria:

  • Minimizing Workload: Relieve your team from an excessive workload and let them focus on what’s actually important, by automating mundane repetitive tasks and processes, from automated, personalized welcome emails upon lead submission and “No response” emails when the client doesn’t pick up, to NPS following the sales funnel.
  • Reminders:  Remind the ticket or lead owner to complete overdue actions, and flag client accounts that have been inactive for a customizable length of time.
  • Interdepartmental process management: When your lead moves to WON status, have tasks automatically created for the logistics of hotel and hospital bookings, airport transfers, and city tours.
  • Easily connect different datasets: Hospital appointments, hotel bookings and flight tickets can all be stored under separate datasets and connected to the main deal page.
  • Process Monitoring: A selection of viewing options with advanced filtering and groupings will help you easily identify bottlenecks in your processes, guiding your team to take the best course of action.
  • Dashboards: A single page where you can find your key metrics, and monitor your team’s performance against your business goals.
  • Accessibility: Connect to the internet, log-in and you’re good to go, whether working from your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.
    Integrations: Any digital solution will need complementary software to cover the range of needs that a business may have, so the ability to connect with other apps and platforms is an absolute must.

How does Workiom stand out?

Workiom is a cloud-based workspace created to rewire your team's intuition for collaboration and alignment in real time. You can store, graph and connect your data, create workflows, and automate every mundane action you need to take on a daily, weekly or monthly basis..

Workiom has already helped leading health tourism companies to transform their businesses and easily scale up their operations, with a simple-to-install template built bespoke for the health tourism industry.  You provide the data, and we’ll have your digital team up and running in record time.

Do I need a tech department to set up and manage Workiom?

No! Our platform is designed so that you don’t need a single line of code or any previous technical knowledge.

Where do I start?

Sign up here for free, and discover the magic of Workiom for yourself!

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