June 27, 2021
Expanding Even More.. New Investment Round
Digital Transformation
Workiom Team
5 min

We are thrilled to announce our $220,000 funding with Startups HUB and Heaventures. This funding boost will help deliver on our vision of making digital transformation accessible to companies of all sizes and industries while offering a 100% customizable no-code platform with powerful automation and collaboration features. After achieving an early product-market fit in Turkey with the support of StartersHub, this new investment round would enable us to explore our potential in the growing markets of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Our partnership with Heaventures will also groom our product to accommodate enterprises by adding new advanced collaboration and integration features. Along with our partners, we feel confident that our next stage in the company will be exciting and even more promising for the future.

What's Next?

What does this fundraising mean for you? Only good news, that's why we are so excited!

Providing the no-code platform of your dreams

Our primary focus is to provide the most requested features and enhance existing ones. Workiom will not only be easier to use but will also become even smoother

More collaboration features

Workiom has been designed to be highly customizable and user-friendly through powerful collaboration features. Small agile teams and large companies will follow everyone's tasks, updates, and achievements in a seamless, effortless way. That way, absolutely anyone can contribute and make their teams successful.

More integrations

So far, Workiom has offered integrations with +4,500 cloud tools through Zapier, Integrately, and Pabbly. Our next mission offers native integration on Workiom with tools of your choice in social media, productivity, communication, and more.

More processes and workflows

Workiom automation engine has been your most preferred feature, but you still haven't seen the best of it yet. Our gift to you, more triggers, more actions, and more control. With the newly-added capacity, processes and workflows of different ends and results will be easier to implement on Workiom.

From an idea to a digitization platform for all

In 2018, we started with an idea, building an easy and flexible tool to roll out complex business applications with minimum effort and time. Since then, we have grown and offered much-needed assistance to companies struggling to digitalize. Thousands of users and hundreds of companies have used Workiom to manage their data, tasks, and process in their daily operations. Companies like Oyak, Bayut, Elite Naturel, Vera Clinic, Karporselen, and hundreds more adopt Workiom to mainstream their sales, marketing, HR, legal, project tasks, or quality services..

Thank you for believing in us!

We couldn't have achieved this success without the unwavering trust of our early backers, angels, mentors, and incubators alike. We would like to thank Jusoor, Başakşehir Living Lab, QNBeyond and ITÜ Çekirdek for their unconditional support, counsel, and assistance in meeting our early adopters and investors. Thanks to our team for working so hard every single day and creating the great atmosphere we share! And of course, we are also grateful to our investors who strongly believe in our vision.

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