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We’re making it possible for anyone to craft their perfect business solution.

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Vision Behind Workiom

The business world has never stopped evolving, and it has always driven innovation and technology. Companies that fail to embrace these changes are left behind and end up losing their market share. Speed, agility, and collaboration are all marks of modern businesses.

Workiom believes that everyone should be empowered to build tailor-made solutions to their problems but with minimum cost and effort while preserving the full benefits of the cloud.

Workiom offers an all-inclusive cloud platform to digitize any type of business. With an extensive list of features, templates, and ready-to-use applications. With Workiom building, a fully integrated business solution has never been so accessible.

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Our story

Workiom began in 2017, Omer Rabbat, Head of Platform Development in Beqom, came to an important realization. He understood that not all businesses have the necessary resources to hire industry leaders to assist them in their digital transformation. Meanwhile using out-of-the-box solutions or easy-to-start tools like spreadsheets has obvious limitations and would eventually hamper their ability to grow.

The solution is to democratize the field and to enable everyone to build their tools of preference. Following his dream, Omer left the corporate world in April 2018 to start developing Workiom and established the company in Delaware, US. With no external investment and only one junior developer onboard, Rabbat built the platform from scratch. After a productive summer, Workiom 1.0 was born in September 2018.

To reach the market and introduce Workiom to the world, Omer asked Sinan Hatahet and Waleed Taleb to join him as co-founders. With years of experience working with Startups in security, communication, and the healthcare industries, Sinan and Waleed brought another dimension to the company. By the end of 2019, Workiom has registered over a 1000 companies and is now looking to expand across the globe.